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The Flexpoint Group. Catalyst for the organisation.

Trento Engineering
Easymatch Payrolling

Future-proofing the HR function

Mission Statement

Each organization within the Flexpoint Group provides services to help customers and employees recognize the challenges of fostering strong, sustainable and balanced growth and how to meet them within the limitations imposed by market, economic or other restrictions. The value-driven approach of each individual Flexpoint organization goes beyond the simple delivery of just a quality product and is characterized by transparency, integrity, commitment and entrepreneurship. Service with an eye for the interests of all parties involved is the driving force behind this procedure.

Value-driven approach

The world around us is changing at a phenomenal rate. Only resilient, innovative and flexible organizations and individuals that are able to deal with this constant change and know how to use change to their advantage, stay successful. We offer solutions that empower people and organizations to better deal with the dynamics in this ever-changing world.

Leadership and vision is all about change

Flexpoint Group incorporates 5 companies and every day more than 4,000 employees go to work for our clients in Belgium and the Netherlands. Due to the changing labor market, we must make clear choices to acquire a leading role as an international HR service provider. These choices are embedded in our mission and vision.


Composition of revenues
Flexpoint Group in The Netherlands

  • Staffing
  • Payrolling
  • Professionals

Composition of revenues
Flexpoint Group Belgium

  • Staffing
  • Home & care services
  • Payrolling
Revenue growth performance
Year Turnover in € 1.000.000
2016 194,8
2015 166
2014 92,3
2013 75,7
EBIT margin development
Year EBIT in € 1.000
2016 7758
2015 6187
2014 2859
2013 2165
Sound viability and a healthy financial situation

In 2016, the companies of the Flexpoint Group achieved excellent results.
Flexpoint Group realized a net turnover of € 194,8 million in 2016, compared with € 166 million in 2015 (+17%). As a group, an EBITA of 7,2 mln was realized. A big plus in comparison to the previous year (+56%)


Generated added value for our clients
Clear service concepts From generalist to multi-specialist
Competing valueconcepts From demand focus to co-creation
A genuine feel of partnership as opposed to a supplier - client relationship Exceed expectations!

Flexpoint Group
catalyst for the power of the organization

Accelerating progress and providing the spark needed to help drive business forward past our competition in order to achieve growth targets, and help our group companies get around any obstacles that may get in the way. The organizational equivalent of “a spark” is just one of the important tasks of the Flexpoint Group.

Speeding up processes that must happen, identifying sustainable solutions and best practices and influencing others in the organization to get on board and pursue the new approach and meaningful changes together. Developing knowledge within the sector, and hence our pioneering spirit and future innovative strength to offer even better comprehensive concepts for more flexible and agile work organizations. The underlying idea is adding value by helping customers increase their competitive advantage and drive business opportunities by growing the vitality and employability of their employees and making the best possible use of both team and individual skills.

Internal processes

Adequate IT process support Alert to gamechangers Increase productivity
Data quickly and easily available High-end customer and cross-selling systems Cost reductions

Flexpoint Group
the glue that binds
the organization together

Coherence is what makes a corporation greater than the sum of its parts. Exploring coherence as an organizational resource for carrying out reform initiatives and improvements is another challenge that the Flexpoint Group faces.

“One team, one culture” operates from a strong business philosophy and clear core values that are based on transparency, integrity, commitment & entrepreneurship. Engaged and empowered employees working in the varied specialist companies contribute to the improved performance and increased profitability for the benefit of all, including clients, workforce and stakeholders. The sharing of knowledge, both within our companies as well as with external parties will lead to greater synergy benefits and efficiencies. This collaboration is broadening and deepening the relationships we have with all parties involved. In short, we capitalize on internal and external know-how and let clients and stakeholders as well as our own workforce become part of our knowledge cluster.

Organization growth and development

Leadership in lean organization Acquired through training, knowledge, coaching and practical experience
Detect skill gaps and develop the potential of the organization Adequate skills and competences to do the job
Strengthen customer-focused culture Move beyond satisfaction to exceed expectations
Flexpoint Group core values: transparency – integrity - commitment - entrepreneurship

Flexpoint Group
the growth means of
the organization

The Flexpoint Group provides frameworks to ensure that we remain who we are and that we store everything that makes us unique: lean organizational structures, built on a culture of ownership and responsibility. Taking ownership and responsibility for proving and improving our work for clients and stakeholders is always done while keeping a sharp eye on the rapidly changing market conditions.

Professional leadership standards will encourage our employees’ customer focus and will help us as a trust to stay in tune to our philosophy and clients’ needs. It will help us to become an even more quality-focused organization in terms of long-term relationships, transparency and solution-oriented innovation. Our employees are an essential part of our success in outperforming the market average on a consistent basis. By simply doing better than our competitors, we exceed the expectations of our business partners, temporary workers, client companies and permanent employees!


AccountableAccountable OpenOpen TransparantTransparant
ExpertExpert ProfessionalProfessional EngagementEngagement

Flexpoint Group
voice of
the organization

It is the Flexpoint Group that communicates with stakeholders on the progress of the different specialist companies. We want to be accountable, and therefore we conduct our business activities and disclose our annual reports and investment plans in an open, transparent, expert and professional way.

Robust and close contacts with the press and other stakeholders are a matter of course. Employer branding for all the companies within the group is another “voice” challenge for the Flexpoint Group. Our vision is to become and remain First in Choice for new future employees and continue to attract more and better talent.

Press releases

29-01-2018: New CEO Flexpoint Group Read More

The Flexpoint Group announces that as of September 1st, Maurice Bisschop will be appointed CEO of the Flexpoint Group. Maurice has been working for Deloitte for 25 years, of which the last 10 years as a partner. He was responsible, among other things, for expanding the market for larger family businesses and for the roll-out of the full range of Deloitte's consultancy services to the private market.

The match with the Flexpoint Group is clear: "Maurice Bisschop has an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, an energetic look and a connecting communication style, which fits very well with the core values of the Flexpoint Group", according to the current CEO and co-owner Jos Gilissen.

06-10-2017: FLEXPOINT GROUP started a new company: Re-Direct Read More

logo ReDirect
The Flexpoint Group started a new business activity, named Re-Direct. Re-Direct is focused on career management, change management, leadership development and outplacement. Loek Vaessen has appointed General Director of Re-Direct. Re-Direct will be present on the Belgian and Dutch market.

13-06-2017: FLEXPOINT GROUP sells services voucher company CLIXXS to TRIXXO ! Read More

HR service provider Flexpoint Group today announced that CLIXXS (service vouchers) is sold to sector colleague Trixxo. More than 3000 employees are involved and will make the move to Trixxo. Due to this sale the Flexpoint Group continues to focus on expanding their HR activities in the Benelux ( interim, outplacement and HR services).

HR is the core business

Jos Gilissen, CEO Flexpoint Group: "The Flexpoint Group has the ambition to become a leading HR service provider in the Benelux. That is our core business." The Flexpoint Group immediately announced their plans. The payroll company Easymatch will be active in Wallonia from the beginning of 2018. In addition the Flexpoint Group, will launch a new organization: Re-Direct ( coaching, development and outplacement). Re-Direct will be launched in the Netherlands as well in Belgium. The plans for our Belgian employment organizations Flexpoint and Trace will be activated earlier. Eventually the Group wants to be present throughout Belgium with both brands by 2020.

The Flexpoint Group is an international HR service provider with more than 275 FTE and about 60 operations in Belgium and in the Netherlands. On a daily basis, more than 8000 temporary workers are working for clients within different market segments. The entities of the Flexpoint Group provide a wide range of HR related services in respect of staffing, secondment, recruitment & selection, career guidance, outplacement, payrolling and HR consultancy. In 2016 the entities of the Flexpoint Group realized a turnover of 194,8 million euro . The Flexpoint Group’s headquarters is in Kerkrade (NL)

08-05-2016: 2016 a successful year for the Flexpoint Group Read More

Increase in turnover and profit

For the Flexpoint Group, 2016 was a successful year. Turnover rose by 17,2 % to 194,8 million euro. A turnover which is significantly above the market average. The underlying operating result (the underlying Ebita) increased 56% (€7,2 million )

Favourable economic climate

"Despite ongoing geopolitical tensions, the economic climate in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands was favourable to our activities. In the Netherlands, Flexpoint (staffing and secondment) and Easymatch (payrolling) growed faster than the market", according to Gilissen, CEO of the Flexpoint Group. "Also in Belgium our staffing and payroll entities (Flexpoint, Trace and Easymatch) showed growth. The entities that were engaged in filling positions of professionals such as Trento Engineering and Equipe achieved their challenging targets and positively contributed to the group result. Moreover, all service cheque activities of the Flexpoint Group have successfully been merged into one single organization: Clixxs".

Ambition while maintaining its DNA

The Flexpoint Group intends to become an important HR service provider in the Benelux. In order to achieve this, in 2016 the Flexpoint Group invested in clearly defining the various cultures of the different organizations within the group. "These DNA programmes enable us to create a preferred position among (potential) employees. After all, culture clearly predominates if it comes to the reasons why a candidate chooses a specific employer", Gilissen continues. The aim is to improve the image as an attractive employer and to ensure people perform to the best of their ability. Obviously, this should be linked to technology as digitization changes rapidly our way of living, working and doing business. We need new IT applications to have our people carrying out their work more easily and efficiently enabling them to pay more attention and spend more time to the "human touch". In our view, this is still the key element of a successful service provision. Our task is to be even more alert in the area of digitization and to adopt the role of "fast follower".

Prospects 2017

"We can look forward to 2017 with confidence and the budget assumes a turnover increase of 10%. We aim to realize this growth through geographical expansion in the Netherlands and in Belgium on the one hand and investment in new service concepts focused on stimulation and promotion of personal development on the other.", Gilissen points out.
About the Flexpoint Group:

The Flexpoint Group is an international HR service provider with more than 275 FTE and about 60 operations in Belgium and in the Netherlands. On a daily basis, more than 8000 temporary workers are working for clients within different market segments. The entities of the Flexpoint Group provide a wide range of HR related services in respect of staffing, secondment, recruitment & selection, career guidance, outplacement, payrolling, service vouchers and HR consultancy. In 2016 the entities of the Flexpoint Group realized a turnover of 194,8 million euro . The Flexpoint Group’s headquarters is in Kerkrade (NL)

06-09-2016: Flexpoint Group achieves solid results in second quarter of 2016 Read More

Flexpoint Group achieves solid results in second quarter of 2016

In the first half of 2016, the turnover of the Flexpoint Group rose to € 89 million. An increase of 26% compared to the same period last year. Both Belgium and the Netherlands showed a strong increase in sales. The group achieved the budgeted EBITA target of € 3 million. Especially our service cheque activities have shown multiple M&A transactions. Acquisitions that fit into the efforts of the group to be a Top 5 player in Belgium in this activity.

Prospects remaining 2016

The remainder of 2016 continues to experience moderate growth as well. Also for the Flexpoint Group, we expect further growth, albeit less strong than in the first half of the year due to the expected increasing scarcity of well-qualified staff. Mentioned scarcity may result in the positive impact of a further decreasing pressure on our margins. Likewise the belgian taxshift had a positive effect on the margins of our activities in Belgium. The planned expansion in the Netherlands and Belgium will be further developed in the last quarter of 2016 and, as a result of this, the fundamental elements of 2017 will be in place in a timely manner.

23-03-2016: Flexpoint Group achieves excellent result Read More

The Turnover and Ebita targets have been exceeded in 2015

In 2015 the entities of the Flexpoint Group achieved an excellent result, far above its expectations. Belgium as well as the Netherlands showed a sharp increase in turnover. In 2015 the Flexpoint Group realized a net turnover of € 166 million compared to € 92 million in 2014 (+ 80%).

Part of this growth was due to the takeover of Trace in Wallonia (BE). But also without the impact of this takeover, all group companies showed organic growth. The temporary employment and payroll activities in Belgium and in the Netherlands even recorded double-digit growth. The organic turnover growth was above 27%. As a group, the planned Ebita target of € 4,5 million has been more than achieved.

Prospects 2016

"The economic uncertainty due to the debt and refugee crisis and geopolitical tensions, among other things, remains. Nevertheless, it is expected that 2016 will witness further economic growth", according to Jos Gilissen, CEO of the Flexpoint Group. In 2016 the Flexpoint Group expects to grow to a turnover of € 200 million. This turnover increase is represented by each entity of the group. In the Netherlands, the market area will be literally expanded due to activities outside Limburg. In Brabant and Gelderland new offices will be opened in 2016. The market expansion towards the remaining part of the Netherlands has definitely been initiated. In Belgium, following the example set by the Netherlands, the focus on temporary employment activities will be sharpened. "We want to be known in the market as an organization specialized in a few segments. Distinguishing and adding value", Gilissen continues. The new service cheque enterprise occupies a special position. In Belgium, the service cheque companies have recently been merged into one single organization named Clixxs. The aim is to achieve a leading position as a Top 5 organization in Belgium during the next three years.

Niches and value concepts

"Within the group we strongly believe that achieving added value is the core of our existence. Through this vision, we have developed various concepts focused on achieving added value for our entities as well as for our temporary workers. Each individual entity making part of the Flexpoint Group shares the common challenge to make both our clients and our temporary workers more competitive. In addition, as a group we want to offer our clients a wider range of services. As such, in 2016 we will continue to further explore the so-called "upper segment". The recent acquisition of a majority shareholding in Equipe BV (an organization engaged in filling (temporary) positions at management and executive levels) is a result of this. Finally, the Flexpoint Group aims at investing in the possibilities offered by (mobile) internet traffic with respect to candidates recruitment. This is one of the main challenges we will be facing in the coming years", Gilissen points out.

About the Flexpoint Group

The Flexpoint Group is an international HR service provider with more than 250 FTE and about 50 operations in Belgium and in the Netherlands. On a daily basis, more than 7000 temporary workers are working for clients within different market segments. The entities of the Flexpoint Group provide a wide range of HR related services in respect of staffing, secondment, recruitment & selection, career guidance, outplacement, payrolling and HR consultancy. In 2016 the entities of the Flexpoint Group expect to realize a turnover of € 200 million. The following entities make part of the Flexpoint Group: Flexpoint (BE, NL), Easymatch Payrolling (BE, NL), Equipe (NL), Trento Engineering (NL), Trace (BE) en Clixxs (BE). The Flexpoint Group’s headquarters is in Kerkrade.

For more information please contact Jos Gilissen, CEO Flexpoint Group, phone +31(0)652022558,